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Beijing - KITAJSKA
Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Guangzhou - KITAJSKA
We mainly supply knitting silk and woven silk. Our products as follow:Knitting Silk: Silk Weft Knitting---- Jersey, Interlock, Rib(French rib),Mesh ,Pique, Jacquard, Georgette, Check, Crepe, Flannel,... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Hangzhou - KITAJSKA
Firstsilk textile Co., Ltd., is located in the famous silkcapital of Shengze Town,Wujiang area, suzhou city.85% of our products are exported to over markets.Our main products include:100% silk satin,... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Suzhou City - KITAJSKA
Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Shanghai - KITAJSKA
Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Zhongshan, Guangdong - KITAJSKA
Our polyester chiffon fabrics are thin, light, exquisite texture, transparent appearance, good drapability, high color fastness, smooth soft handfeel.Mainly the production of Huayao series, cashmere... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Shanghai - KITAJSKA


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Hangzhou suraki trading co’ltd is a well established company dealing into textiles especially silk fabrics n blends in HangZhou City also known as the silk haven of china in zhejiang province of... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
VOLLRUN Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the city Hangzhou.We mainly focus on manufacturing silk fabric and silk scarf.Besides,we also supply scarves in some other materials,such as high quality... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Hangzhou - KITAJSKA
silk fabric in PFD or PFP with high quality and competitive price. Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago | silk fabrics | cotton
Jiangsu - KITAJSKA
G&F Group Inc. which have been dedicated to fashion industry over ten years, with two production bases in Shenzhen & Zhejiang. We are mainly engaged in upscale silk garments and fabrics, integrated... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago | silk fabrics - production
Shenzhen - KITAJSKA
Sichuan First Silk Printing & Dyeing CO., Ltd is a big silk fabrics and readygoods manufacturer located at Deyang city, Sichuan Province, established in 2003. we own the right to import and export... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Sale 100% mulberry silk quilt. These goods are made in China. Also produce filter bags for vacuum cleaners. Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Tongxiang - KITAJSKA
We are suppying all kinds of high quality pure silk fabrics and silk cotton blended fabrics with dyed or printed and without dyed or printed Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago | silk fabrics
Hangzhou - KITAJSKA
100% silk chiffon, silk habutai, poly chiffon , Organza in high quality Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Shanghai - KITAJSKA
Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago | silk fabrics | silk yarns for bolting cloths and gauze
Nachong - KITAJSKA
We are a manufacturer who makes silk fabrics and silk fashions. It is a large-sized group company with a history of over 30 years. We are from the silk town of Haian, China. KNITTED SILK FABRICS:... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago
Our company specializes in producing and dealing with silk knitted and woven fabrics by utilizing advanced management and new technology. Our fabrics are used for garments and home textiles. Our silk... Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago | pure silk | viscose fabrics
Chongqing, China - KITAJSKA
Dobavitelj za: Svila - blago | Blago
Guangzhou - KITAJSKA
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